Linda Curtis
Linda Curtis

Linda Curtis Biography

Linda Curtis is a leading spokesperson, analyst and tactician for the Texas independent political movement. Linda has a long history working in the independent movement; from her early efforts gaining ballot access for the first woman and African-American to get on the ballot for President in all 50 states (Lenora Fulani in 1988) to the Ross Perot founded Reform Party in the 1990s. Linda helped found Independent Texans PAC is 2001 and sees its efforts at the local level as “a life’s work in progress” built on plenty of failure and a few great licks in-between.


Curtis urges you read her paper, written in 2010, about the history and tactics of the Texas independent movement here entitled, “Who Will Organize the Independents?“. You can learn more about the independent movement she volunteers with at the League of Independent Voters of Texas and IndyAustin.

Curtis’ regularly speaks on these topics:

    • Why independents determine electoral outcomes, but have little power to change America and what we’re doing about it.
    • How voters can work together to defeat special interest dominance of both parties.
    • Why the future of the country rests on the development of the independent political movement — inside and outside both parties, with an emphasis on the latter.
    • Why we need a united “third force”, not a “third party.”
    • Whether there exists a “sweet spot” in the American body politic around which a super-majority of people can unite to take our country back.

Marie Day, IT Treasurer and Lavaca County activistMarie Day Biography

Marie Day has served as the state treasurer for Independent Texans since 2006. She is a retired 35+ year employee of one of the largest oil companies in the world.  She is a first generation Texan and 3rd generation oil and gas industry worker.

Marie has been chair of Lavaca County Taxpayers, Inc.  Her passion is to restore our state and country to a constitutionally limited government and to republic for which it was founded.

Marie is a mother of 2 sons and 4 granddaughters.  She owns and runs a small ranch in Lavaca County and believes strongly in private property rights and the elimination of eminent domain.  She never backs away from a debate, and though she stakes her ground, she also knows how to listen.

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  1. Mrs. Curtis,

    My name is Pat Hernandez. I spoke with you Mr. Harper some time ago when I was considering a run for State Legislature. I prviously sent you emails from The new email address I am using is Please respond to that e-mail which was sent on 12/7/2013.

    Thank you,
    Pat Hernandez

  2. This is such an important election year, I’m looking for any group in the Austin area who want to meet and discuss the candidates and issues. Not finding such like. Do you not work at encouraging voter turnout and/or provide a forum for discussion that is not partisan?

  3. Thanks for the “voice” you carry across Texas for the independent voice. The organized parties of Texas, especially the Republicans, seem to stifle independent, problem solving thought and issue driven conversations. To evolve the best possible legislation for our Texas citizen, we need to be better informed than just by lobbying groups. I appreciate how well researcherd your documentation is on all issues. And, I think you for keeping me more informed as a concerned independent in Texas. I vote for the best candidates and those with the best solutions. Thanks for your help, strategic recommendations and good information.

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