Put your boots on Bastrop. Give the  NOT ‘good ol’ boys’ the boot!

Update, June 20: Congrats to Lyle Nelson and all of Bastrop! Onwards to opening up and cleaning up Bastrop from years of NOT ‘good ol’ boy’ cronyism! Read the news here.

Update: June 2, 2017: Early voting for the runoff — the first in the history of the city of Bastrop — for Place 3 on the Bastrop City Council, is over. Election Day is Saturday, June 17.

We proudly support Lyle Nelson, who is incredibly qualified and has the passion to serve.Visit this news release for all the details including Lyle’s website.

Call us for any reason at 512-535-0989. Keep walking that walk, Bastrop, and take back your town!

Update: May 7, the day after the election. Thanks for putting your boots on, Bastrop.

We’re not done yet! There will be a runoff for Place 3, so come back to this page real soon.

Old news from before the election, May 6, below:

Early voting is over. Election Day is Saturday, May 6. Polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm. Need a ride or information, call us at 512-535-0989.

City of Bastrop voter? Your poll site is the BISD at 906 Farm Street in Bastrop.

Because many of you have asked our opinion, we do believe that these candidates are all honest people with the skills and knowledge to do right by Bastrop:

Connie Schroeder for Mayor
Lyle Nelson
for Place 3 and
Nancy Wood for Place 4.

More information here for all local races.

No matter where you live in the city of Bastrop, you can vote in all 3 races and we hope you do!

You may have received this postcard – Bastrop is No One’s Monopoly Board to urge you to clean out the barn at City Hall!

We have gathered information and written about this important election. See below. Thank you for paying attention!

Need a ride to the polls, or want to talk with us? Call 512.535.0989 (if we don’t pick up, leave a message first then call or text Linda at 512.657.2089). You can email us at but if it’s Election Day, May 6, we suggest you call us!

As we see it, this election is about how the city of Bastrop is going to handle the costs of growth related to the good folks fleeing Austin’s affordability crisis and moving here. We don’t have to repeat Austin’s mistakes. Bastrop — the city and county — are also far more vulnerable to an affordability crisis, which is why it’s so important that everyone plays fair and by the same set of rules. (See our Commentary in the Saturday, April 22, edition of the Bastrop Advertiser.)

From our perspective — and we follow city politics pretty closely — a ‘good ol’ boy’ network has operated in the city of Bastrop for far too long.

Appointing the worst kind of special interest for Bastrop — a water marketer — to the Bastrop Economic Development Board, accessing hundreds of thousands of dollars in city money for their friends’ projects, attempting to destroy government records, and far too many attempts to thwart the spirit and intent of our open government laws. These are just some of the tactics of the Bastrop so-called good ol’ boys. We hope you agree that these are not the works of good men and women.

Repeated embarrassing reports about this have been in the local paper over the last 2 years. You can read these for yourself under the links at the bottom of this page.

We won’t tell you who to vote for, but hope you will consider NOT voting for these guys and why. Note: You can vote in all three races below — if you’re registered to vote and live in the city of Bastrop.

Willie DeLaRosa for Mayor — played a pivotal role in putting the worst kind of special interest for Bastrop – a profiteering water marketer – on the Bastrop Economic Development Board. He’s also been at this kind of wheeling and dealing for 30 years.

Bill Ennis, Council Place 4 – in last November’s election, led the PAC ads attacking more reasonable petition requirements that would have given Bastrop voters more power to rein in City Hall.

Lee Harle, Council Place 3 — signed on to the same PAC ads attacking more reasonable petition requirements, therefore aiding the continuation of good ol’ boy politics in Bastrop.

We have done some homework for you. So, dear Bastropians, please do yours!

Watch the Mayoral debate here.

Watch the candidate debates for Place 3 and Place 4 here.

Read the Bastrop Advertiser article about the Mayoral Race here.

Read the Bastrop Advertiser article about the Place 3 race here.

Read the Bastrop Advertiser article about the Place 4 face here.

This letter sent out by the “good ol’ boys” club last October to stop petition rights measures we petitioned to place on the ballot — two of those running in this election (Ennis & Harle) signed it.

Bastrop Advertiser articles — just some of the many — that should tell you why you need to use your vote to clean out the barn. City Hall, that is!

Mayor Refuses Responsibility for Uncivil Discourse

Bastrop to Cover Council Member’s Fees

Attempts to Destroy Tape Recordings

Bastrop City Council Member Pulls Tax Funding for His Own Project

Bastrop City Attorney Resigns

Bastrop City Manager Resigns

Council Member Tries to Extend Term Limits

Bastrop Water Marketer Defends Sales Pitch to Austin

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