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April 25 — Our first Candidate Forum in the City of Bastrop

We invite your attendance at our first candidate forum held in the City of Bastrop. However, if you cannot be present (especially to ask your questions), you can watch online at BTXN.TV.Endorsed Non-partisan Independent Texans seal

Whether you are a city resident or not, if you live in Bastrop County, what the city of Bastrop decides impacts on all residents. This is especially true at a time when we are experiencing increased growth from residents fleeing Austin’s affordability crisis.

Independent Texans Bastrop City Council Candidate Forum
Monday, April 25th at 6:30 pm
Bastrop City Hall, 1311 Chestnut
(bring a Bastrop City Voter with you, if ya can!)

There are two contested seats for Bastrop City Council. Place 1 is between Bill Peterson and Herb Goldsmith. Place 5 is between Kelly Gilleland and Deborah Jones. If you know the candidates, you might let them know you will be attending. All four have agreed to attend.

You may already know that city council elections in Texas are non-partisan races — just up our ally at Independent Texans.

We hope to see you on the 25th. Early voting begins on that very day — April 25th. Election Day is May 7th.

Call us at 512-535-0989 or email us at for more information.

PS This event will be streamed online for those who cannot be present.

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ABC — A Better Council in Bastrop

A group of interested & engaged citizens have joined to form an informal group in Bastrop. What the city of Bastrop decides affects many of us who live just in the County, so Bastrop countians, please come on out to this on Wednesday.

ABC – A Better Council

We have invited Bastrop City Council Candidate

Kelly Gilleland

City Council Candidate, Place 5

To join us in an informal gathering for informal conversation

On the Patio at Baxter’s on Main

919 Main Street

Wednesday, April 6

5:30 – 7:30 pm


Independent Texans Alleges Golemon Selling Voter Data He Gathered Door to Door


9:00 a.m., February 10, 2016

CONTACT: Linda Curtis, Executive Director, Independent Texans PAC, 512-657-2089,

Linda Curtis

Linda Curtis

HEAD: Independent Texans Alleges Golemon Selling Voter Data He Gathered Door to Door in House District 17 (Lee, Bastrop, Caldwell, Gonzales and Karnes counties)

BASTROP, (February 10th, 2016) — Linda Curtis of Independent Texans PAC alleged today that House District 17 candidate Brent Golemon is “not telling voters that he is selling their data when he knocks on their door and asks for their vote.”

Curtis explained further that, “Golemon told me that he is getting paid for data he is collecting on voters in his door to door work by a group outside of HD 17. I hope the voters will ask Golemon about it and who’s paying him for the data. I am embarrassed to admit that I too was conned by Golemon in last February’s special election runoff – the same Golemon who crows that he’s the real ‘grassroots’ guy in this race. HD 17 voters should not trust him again.”

Data gathered on voters is used to target mailers, social networking and phone banking with messages that resonate with voters wooing them to vote for or against a certain candidate or issue. Curtis said, “Golemon tipped his hat in his swaggering closing remarks at the February 1 debate with Cyrier that ‘You’re going to hear a lot coming out over the course of the next four weeks that unfortunately I cannot control’. I think he’s referring to the groups coming into District 17 with messaging that he doesn’t have the guts to say himself. We just saw one such mailer yesterday out of Houston. Does anyone believe these guys give two hoots or a holler about our water and land resources in HD 17?”

Independent Texans recently switched their support from Golemon to John Cyrier in the Republican winner-take-all primary for Texas House District 17. Curtis said, “Our endorsement group decided to support Cyrier because he delivered an important water protection bill (HB 3163) for the residents fighting the ‘water wars’ in Lee and Bastrop counties, while Golemon did little to help. Once Golemon lost the endorsement, he’s been using the data he’s been paid to collect on voters to diminish our and Cyrier’s efforts to protect our groundwater.”

Curtis put out this email to supporters last Friday detailing Golemon’s failure to report over $28,000 in expenditures on a report due in February 2015 in his last race. Golemon later swore under oath that he had discovered the expenditures sometime in mid to late May 2015, because, in Golemon’s words, “The political expenditures which were made from personal funds were not recorded.”

Independent Texans has posted a lengthy 24 question survey with answers from both candidates on the “HD 17” page of its website at

For more information call:  Linda Curtis, 512-535-0989


This con man can’t shoot straight and he ain’t got no home trainin’

The first attack mailing — surgically written with the skill of a con man’s training — in the hotly contested House District 17 race (John Cyrier v. Brent Golemon) hit the very night of the debate last Monday. It came from Goleman and, though clever, it lacked the precision that straight shooters have. Instead, it hit us and threatens to do real harm to our efforts to stop the “water grabs” and therefore, demands this response.

After you take a minute to take all this in, we ask for your help. Word travels fast in rural communities, so what we need most is for you to talk to your neighbors. If you want to donate funds, that information is at the bottom of this page.


Rep. John Cyrier, hydrologist George Rice, landowners over the Simsboro at press conference called by League of Independent Voters, February 1, 2016

A funny thing happened when Golemon’s postcard was going out in the mail. While it proclaimed that he was the real water defender who “won’t sell you down the river” (not Cyrier or apparently us) Cyrier was actually down at the Capitol standing with the League of Independent Voters, Simsboro landowners and San Antonio hydrologist, George Rice covered in this Statesman piece here, sounding the alarm on the dangers of all three mega-permits to our water future. Golemon then took the Statesman piece and cut out our picture (similar to the one here) and sent it out with his quote promoting himself.

For months and behind our backs, Golemon had been dismissing the bill that the League of Independent Voters and my dear friend, Michele Gangnes of Lee County, asked Cyrier to introduce — HB 3163.

Surely Golemon, a lawyer by training, knows what HB 3163 is really about. It put an end to water marketer’s lawsuits against groundwater conservation district board members – as individuals — for simply for performing their duties. Their goal locally was to bully our volunteer public servants into granting huge permits that pose real risks to our aquifer and our property rights. Coercion of public servants should be scorned — if you don’t believe us, ask a sitting Lost Pines Board member how they feel about Cyrier’s support!

Linda Curtis

Linda Curtis

I have held back from publicly stating things I said privately in our endorsement session with Golemon, or I hadn’t quite fully investigated to my satisfaction by then. Golemon’s turn on us this week has changed all that for me. And, yes, I have to face the public humiliation that I had been conned by this man. So, I’m making this information public now and there is more to come. I hope you will share this with your neighbors in Lee, Bastrop, Caldwell, Karnes and Gonzales counties before Golemon does real harm to our efforts.

1.  Golemon failed to disclose approximately $28,000 in expenditures in his 8-day report for his last campaign in the special election last February (2015). It took him until June 3, 2015 to correct it!

(See Golemon’s 8-day report here.) Golemon should have been fined at least $100 per day for failure to report these expenditures but he was never fined because under Govt. Code 571.0771 if you check the box that says the following, the Ethics Commission takes no action: I swear, or affirm, that I am filing this corrected report not later than the 14th business day after the date I learned that the report as originally filed is inaccurate or incomplete. I swear, or affirm, that any error or omission in the report as originally filed was in good faith”.

Well, OK, but then in his explanation of the correction, Golemon wrote, “The political expenditures which were made from personal funds were not recorded.” I guess that means he had no idea what was coming out of his own personal bank account. Seriously?

2.  Golemon campaign reports on the Texas Ethics Commission website reveal that he hired John Higgins to work on his last and present campaigns. Higgins, formerly Chief of Staff to Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt, is on probation for stealing $9000 from the District 17 office with fraudulent travel vouchers.

3.  At a recent debate, Golemon falsely accused Cyrier of voting for HB 37, who voted against it after it was loaded up and deformed with poison pill amendments by legislators under the thumb of the Austin lobby. Cyrier originally co-authored the bill, a good bill intended to pull the sheets off of “dark money” in Texas – the practice of hiding unlimited political contributions behind non-profit organizations and trade associations. Golemon utterly failed our questions about this and other open government questions, with confusing answers. Expect more of this from Golemon and don’t fall for it!  (See PS below for more.)

4.  At our endorsement session with Golemon, he pled poverty to fight Cyrier’s donors claiming he hadn’t the money to put out a mailing on water. Then, after he lost our endorsement, somehow he found the money to put out a mailing to belittle John Cyrier’s and our water efforts, crowing that he “won’t sell you down the river.” After all we did for Golemon last February, the ingratitude was stark.

Talk to your neighbors, share this message and call me if you want to help get Golemon some “home training”. As my mom used to say about people like this, ‘he ain’t got none’.

PS We gave equal opportunity to both candidates for our endorsement with a lengthy survey on the issues – on our website here for Cyrier and here for Golemon. Their answers are revealing.


All I want for Christmas is an independent in the House

House District 17 Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt (Republican, Lexington) won re-election on November 4th, only to announce 17 days later his intent to resign and become general counsel for the Texas Department of Agriculture. The election was just called with a filing period to close on December 22, three days before Christmas. Read the rest of this entry »

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