Reading the Tea Leaves…Happy Mother’s Day

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The BIG news is about Laura Thompson — see the report below.

Is a watershed – pun intended – moment upon we Texans of all political stripes? We think so, as politics-as-usual is imploding. This situation carries both opportunity and risks. One big risk is to the economic stability afforded us by a seemingly impenetrable two-party system. The opportunities are boundless, as new solutions to our many problems can move onto the main stage.

Those in power, one would think, must be trying like hell to read tea leaves – another pun intended. But the hogs at the public trough will likely continue their feeding frenzy risking economic collapse…the collapse that is intimately tied to how they continue squandering the public purse and our natural resources — particularly land and water.

Perhaps they haven’t figured out yet that there are no tea leaves. Conservatism and liberalism are both dead and populism (Trump’s right and Bernie’s left) is showing up at the wake. Could anyone keep a straight face when hearing that the very same Rick Perry who called Donald Trump a “cancer on conservatism”, is now willing to be Trump’s running mate?

Seriously folks, it’s getting rich out there – rich with absurdity and rich with opportunities that have broken out at the national level. It’s our job as Texas independents (notice the small “i”) to figure out how to use it at the local level.

Hoping to “see ya” on tomorrow night’s call at 8 pm.

Don’t give up…we just got started!

*  An extraordinary situation is developing in Texas House District 120 in San Antonio. Yesterday, local businesswoman, Laura Thompson, an unaffiliated independent, came out at the top of the heap of 4 candidates running to fill the unexpired term of Rep. Ruth McClendon who had to step down due to illness. Thompson received 33% and Lou Miller received 28%, (with a little over 2000 votes cast.) Thompson will soon move to complete her petition drive to be on the November ballot as an independent, as she heads into the runoff for this special election sometime in July. If she wins in July, she would then be the incumbent running in November against one of the two Democrats from the Democratic primary runoff on May 24th. Yes, it’s confusing! But this could be a history maker – the first independent elected to the Texas House! Prediction: Texas voters are ready to go independent. Wanna help? Contact us! More on Thompson here.

*  The entire Oppose the Hose (NoVistaRidge.org) coalition that continues to grow across central Texas awaits a May 11th deadline to see the application for $127 million that San Antonio Water System is expected to file with the Texas Water Development Board for state water funds (SWIFT) for Vista Ridge. We also await a May 27th deadline for SAWS to challenge the ratepayer petition asking the Public Utility Commission to review the rates associated with Vista Ridge. Watch your email closely for action you can take…very soon!

*  Ethics whistle-blowers and fiscal accountability watchdogs, Kelly Gilleland and Herb Goldsmith, lost their bids for the Bastrop City Council last night. Incumbent Gilleland lost by just 40 votes. We wish the incoming members – Deborah Jones and Bill Peterson – good luck as they are going to need it. We know for sure that tough times are ahead for Bastrop residents as Austin’s affordability crisis is overflowing into Bastrop. We call upon Bastrop residents to get involved with us and soon we can share some exciting plans.

*  We attended an impressive 17th annual meeting of the Medina County Environmental Action Association recently. The very good news is that the association is raising the funds to engage in the legal battles of landowners who are challenging what appears to be a clear abuse of eminent domain. Landowner Richard Fourier had a very strong hearing on Monday in which the review board increased the condemnation award from $30K to $80K. Still, Fournier is appealing because he believes that the company in question is not a common carrier and therefore has no right to exercise condemnation powers on his land. Like their Facebook page and follow this important effort. More here.

*  It should not go unnoticed that Proposition 1, Uber and Lyft’s ordinance they put on the Austin city ballot via petition, was soundly defeated yesterday by 12 points. Austin voters don’t much like the deep pockets trying to buy elections — to the tune of $8 million compared to $200K spent by their opponents. That’s our best guess anyway. Congrats Austin!


Breaking: First Vista Ridge Councilmember defeated!

For Immediate Release:

Remember Vista Ridge Coalition Gave Warrick a Hand

Alan Warrick, newly elected San Antonio City Councilman, District 2

Alan Warrick, newly elected San Antonio City Councilman, District 2

A funny thing happened last night in the District City Council 2 runoff between Interim District 2 Councilmember, Keith Toney and challenger Alan Warrick. Toney, who was just appointed to fill the seat left vacated when Ivy Taylor became the interim Mayor, lost by 9 percentage points.

The San Antonio Police Officers Association PAC endorsed Warrick in the runoff, hit the streets going door to door, sent out mailers and made phone calls. Tyrone Darden, who came in third in the first round of voting, also endorsed Warrick.

And, an informal group of citizens calling themselves the “Remember Vista Ridge Coalition”, called a prime list of 1000 likely voters. They asked them to give Toney his walking papers for having voted for the $3.4 billion Vista Ridge water “grab” last October as a giveaway to real estate developers and forcing San Antonio ratepayers to take a 16% rate hike to pay for it. The group consisted of three members of the Bexar County Green Party (Paul Pipkin, Rachell Tucker and Yvonne Valdez), District 7 resident and political activist, Roger Singler and Linda Curtis of Bastrop. Curtis lives in the area of the aquifer that is slated to transfer its water 142-miles down the Vista Ridge pipeline.

Warrick is the president and CEO of a local nonprofit cleaning business, holds a degree in architecture and is married with one child. Though he is a newcomer to the political process, his father was a judge and his family has a long history in District 2.  Warrick received 1786 votes — 59%.


Urgent Water Alert!

Believe it or not, this Wednesday night at 7 pm, at the Giddings American Legion (map here – 1502 Hwy 77, Giddings, Texas), Forestar Real Estate Group will come knocking AGAIN on the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District’s door.

Yes, Forestar is calling for yet another re-hearing on their application for 45K Acre Feet Per Year (AFY)!!! Read the rest of this entry »


Election day is Tuesday! Bastrop Meeting on Monday! Election night party Tuesday night!

Tuesday is election day.  Polls are open from 7 to 7.

Please consider voting No on Proposition 6. Here’s our webpage dedicated to this issue:  http://www.indytexans.com/vote-no-on-prop-6/

Here’s the League of Women Voters Guide on all of the amendments on the ballot:  http://www.lwvtexas.org/Voters Guide/2013CAVG/2013CAVG_English.pdf

This Monday in Bastrop!

*  There is an important meeting of the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District THIS Monday, November 4th, at 6 pm at Bastrop City Hall, 1311 Chestnut (across from the Convention Center).  It was pointed out that the district could vote on changes to the permit application for Forestar Real Estate Group, so please come on out!

This Tuesday in Austin – Election Night Party!

*  We will have an election night party starting at 6:30 at Opal Divines, 3601 S. Congress (map here).  Come on out if you can make it to watch the election results together.

Thank you all for continuing to spread the word. We have been experiencing unprecedented growth of our network, I’m sure, thanks to you.

I am very proud of each and every one of you!  Let’s keep it going, y’all.

Nix Prop 6!

Save Your Water, Save Your Wallets
& Save Texas from Cronyism at its worst!

  • Prop 6 diverts $2B from the Rainy Day Fund for water projects that will be decided by Perry’s handpicked cronies on the newly reorganized Texas Water Development Board.
  • Prop 6 proponents haven’t answered – in plain English — why they need more money since they haven’t touched the $6B for the “revolving water bank” bonds they got in 2011!
  • Prop 6 is a dangerous corporate welfare subsidy for well-heeled land and water speculators and the oil & gas lobby looking to make a fast buck in the midst of our historic drought.
  • Prop 6 is dividing rural and urban Texans when we are natural allies. None of us want wasteful reservoirs, our aquifers drained nor to pay through the nose for water heists.
  • Prop 6 will fuel the fires of population growth – spurred by the Governor and the growth lobby — that cannot be sustained because Texas is running out of water.
  • Prop 6 ignores that water availability is a core function of government, requiring strict oversight.  These water robber barons will not operate in the light of day.
  • Prop 6 big money backers at Water Texas PAC (set up by Texas House Speaker Joe Straus) and H204Texas PAC have a vested interest in getting this slush fund directed to new public-private partnerships when the money kicks in after March 2015!  All but 12 legislators have therefore literally left small towns running out of water high and dry.
  • Contrary to claims by the proponents, Prop 6 has no real guarantees for conservation projects when we all agree that conservation should have been prioritized.  It just doesn’t.

Don’t let Perry’s political donors get their hands on our water!
Shame on the Democrats for going along with this corruption!

Vote NO on Prop 6!

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5, Polls open 7 to 7

Learn more and share it with all your Texas voting friends:


or Nix Prop 6 on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/notoprop6

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Bluebonnet Electric Coop Election

Bluebonnet Electric Coop Election:  Can citizens overcome the use of proxy voting (commonly used by electric power coops) — a practice that allows the current Board to stack the cards for their chosen candidates? We have endorsed two candidates running for the Bluebonnet Electric Coop Board — Dick Peterson of Travis County and George Kehler of Lee County, who will help eliminate this practice.  If you’re a member of Bluebonnet, you can vote for them — even if you voted already by sending in your proxy.  The last ballot you cast is the one that counts.  You can call Bluebonnet for another ballot at 866-720-4357 or email them at Bluebonnethelp@electionservices.com.  Read more about Dick and George in the magazine Texas Coop Power recently sent to you.


Austin is Not Developers’ Monopoly Board

Sign it, if you live in Austin

Austin is Not Developers' Monopoly Board

Dear Mayor Adler and Austin City Council Members:


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Make Growth Pay for Itself

No Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose