Perry's attack on Rep. Todd Smith – Sex or Politics?

Dear Members & Friends:

Apparently, some 18,721 Texans (16.7%) who voted in the Republican primary during early voting this last 10 days voted in the 2008 Democratic primary.

Least we be filled with all kinds of nonsense from pundits about what this really means, here’s an independent view. At least 18,721 Texans get it…Texas has an open primary system. Moreover, just because these 18,721 Texans voted in the Democratic primary in 2008 doesn’t mean they were Democrats nor are they now Republicans. These clever Texans shop the ballot — they’re independents! And, they’re out to Boot Perry!

ALSO State Rep. Todd Smith (R-Euless), chair of the House Elections Committee has apparently invoked the ire of the Perry-Perry machinery. (That’s Rick Perry and homebuilder Bob Perry who ARE related — they’re both crooks, as well as David Weekley and others in the real estate/homebuilder/toll road lobby.) Smith’s opponent, a guy named Cason, has been running around the district talking dirty trash about Smith’s supposed stand on sex offenders.

According to Will Lutz of the Lone Star Report the attacks on Smith are happening because Smith had the audacity to question the Texas Residential Construction Commission. Remember how Rick put the TRCC under Bob Perry’s thumb to stop citizen complaints from getting anywhere? (Read about the Perrys’ dirty tricks on Smith here http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/casey/6886267.html )

Are you sick yet? Get out and vote on Tuesday if you haven’t yet done so and bring your fellow Texans with you.

BootPerry.org — pass this site on please!

Independently yours,
Linda Curtis


Early voting has begun and ends on Friday, February 26. Election day is Tuesday March 2!

We recommend you vote in this year’s Republican primary to settle the score in the ongoing battle that independents (and hordes of Republicans and Democrats) have with Governor Rick Perry. Independent Texans has endorsed Debra Medina – here’s why. (Note: we understand that you may have other plans if there is a meaningful contested Democratic primary in your area; if you are pledged to attend a Libertarian or Green convention, or want to sign a “third party” petition for ballot access for the Greens or Constitution parties.)

For years we have challenged Texans (of all persuasions) to give Perry the boot. Our site at BootPerry.org gives a humorous look at just 17 reasons why Perry should be sent packin’ down his toll roads (push the red button until Perry’s swelled head explodes and see what it says!) Texas voters can take advantage of the Texas open primary and cross party and ideological lines to get rid of the most divisive and corrupt politician this state has seen in a very long time.

We recommend you go to the League of Women Voter’s statewide and local web sites. First, go here then click on the link(s) below “2010 Primary Election Voters Guide” for statewide candidates:

For candidates running in your area, you can also click on the link to the top right of their home page also copied here:


The primary is the first of several steps we have in removing Rick Perry. If none of the three (Rick, Kay or Debra) gets 50% plus one in the Republican primary, there’s a runoff between the top two vote getters in 30 days. We will open up our support again for the potential runoff, and/or for the general election — and consider candidates of all parties and independent — just following the primary or runoff.

Have fun and boot Perry ya’ll!
Linda Curtis


The Tea Party Crashers: Rick Perry and Glenn Beck

I am not now nor have I ever been a member of the Republican Party (nor the Democratic Party for that matter). What Glenn Beck did to Debra Medina on Wednesday is just another reason why. Immediately following Beck’s attack, Rick Perry began running thousands of “robo calls” using Beck’s attack. The Governor “doth protest too much, me thinks” (Shakespeare), and might be running a wee bit scared (Linda Curtis).

My advice to Rick Perry is to keep running – down your toll roads. The fact that Beck, Perry and now Kay (shame on you girl!) are attacking Medina makes me want to support her all the more.

You see, independents love a fair fight and we detest the party machines for their dirty tricks. Although independents span the political spectrum, and therefore many of us don’t exactly fit into the Tea Party movement, we appreciate what is going on here. Medina is standing up to the party hacks and saying that ordinary people have – quite simply – the right to think and say whatever they believe without being demonized. The party hacks will never stand for that. But you knew that already, right?

Beck’s attack on Medina should be taken as a signal and a warning to tea partiers that the Republican Party will do and spend whatever it takes to crash and burn your party. There is a better place for you. It’s called the independent movement. But let me give you fair warning. We are of the belief that nothing is going to change about policy in this country, unless we build a united movement (across the ideological divide) for political reform.

We tried to build a united front for reform back in the 1990’s when Perot-led independent movement came on like gangbusters. But the Republican Party co-opted and then killed our agenda (deficit reduction, term limits and campaign finance reform). The rest of the movement killed itself off arguing about which litmus test we would use to denote a “true reformer”. Let’s not keep replaying this bad movie.

Linda Curtis


We Proudly Endorse Debra Medina for Governor

Dear Members & Friends:

Independent Texans, the only voter association seeking representation and political rights for approximately 5 million non-aligned Texas voters, proudly endorses Debra Medina for Texas Governor in the Republican primary. Early voting begins February 16th. Mrs. Medina met the 60% support threshold of Independent Texans’ members to receive our endorsement. Congratulations to Debra Medina and her supporters!

Details below. Wanna talk about it? Go here after you read about it below and please post a comment.

Linda Curtis, Independent Texans

Debra Medina for Governor

Independent Texans’ members are well aware of Governor Rick Perry’s record which is why he received not one vote of support from our members. Perry has become legendary for his abuses of power and the veto pen, his revolving door for lobbyists, and for poisoning the halls of the legislature with a redistricting gerrymander on steroids back in 2003. For Texas independents Perry is the embodiment of what is so wrong in government today. Rick Perry is such a problem for political independents that we have resorted to joking about it at BootPerry.org to make our point.

Kay Bailey Hutchison, who received about 30% support from our members, grasps our concerns about the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC), but has not yet fully made the connection between such policy monstrosities as the TTC and political reform. Though the same might be said for Debra Medina, our endorsement of Mrs. Medina springs from the long-held desires of independent voters for citizen legislators. Debra is an ordinary person (a nurse to be exact) who has held her own in this race with two titans in Texas politics. She has demonstrated that she deserves our support.

What Independents Want – A United Front for Reform

Since 1992 when Ross Perot received the largest independent vote in US history, independent voters (now at 41% of the American electorate – Pew Research Center, May 2009) and our concerns, have grown. We are even sicker today of the partisan gamesmanship that keeps voters fighting amongst ourselves while the big shots in both parties have put the economy and our very livelihoods on the edge of a cliff.

We never liked Bush bashing and we don’t like Obama bashing either. We want the parties to either come together or get out of the way. We – Americans of all persuasions — want to be part of the conversation about fixing our problems before it is too late.

Once every ten years we, as a country, have an opportunity to damp down the partisan game immediately following the census. It is called redistricting. We can no longer afford to allow politicians to choose their own voters. We must take the gerrymandering weapon out of the hands of both parties, through a non-partisan independent redistricting commission. This is the single most important thing Texans need to bring any real policy solutions to the table. Is there a gubernatorial candidate out there who will stand up for a Texas Redistricting Commission? Rick Perry would never sign it. Would Kay? Debra Medina…our best hope. (Read more about political reform here.)



written by Sheila Cox, Cooke County, Texas

The band is on the Austin stage and the fiddler keeps playing a lively rendition of the Trans-Texas Corridor Two-Step. Step one put the left foot forward with plans for massive corridors dancing across Texas with voracious appetites to devour private property ownership rights. In vibrant harmony the voices of Texans rose in opposition to the plan. From the Red River to the Rio Grande, from the Piney Woods to West Texas, from the Sabine River to the Gulf Coast, from the Panhandle to Laredo, and from all points in between, the voices of Texans continue to clearly sing out and to demand a new song.

Step two took a half-step with the right foot forward by declaring that the TTC was dead. However the fiddler sang out that the corridors would be built, even though the TTC had been pronounced dead. Instead of a burial, the TTC was given the new name of Interconnectivity Plan and it underwent cosmetic surgery for a new look.

The fiddler sang about scaling down the obese corridors that had widths of 1200 feet and were bulging with modes for trucks and cars, railways for freight and passengers, utility modes for transmission of all utilities, as well as hotels, restaurants, and gas stations. Texans sighed with relief, but only briefly. The corridor liposuction merely redistributed the fat by separating the modes to be positioned in different locations. A proposed facelift calls for greenbelts outside the edges of the corridors that would result in the taking of even more properties. Texans began to sing the blues with the realization that the loss of so many homes, businesses, farms, and ranches would result in adverse effects on the Texas economy. Texans realized the impact would waltz across Texas and empty their pockets due to job losses from displaced businesses, and inevitable tax increases due to tax roll losses of businesses and properties.

The fiddler has wasted many years and has cost Texans truck loads of tax dollars in attempts to make his TTC Two-Step a big hit. Meanwhile, traffic problems continue to put the brakes on most Texas highways and Texans are not able to scoot their boots because they are stuck in gridlock.
For the solution to the TTC two-step, Kay Bailey Hutchison has said she will kill the Trans-Texas Corridor once and for all if elected governor. And one of her first actions will be to issue an “emergency declaration” to have the Legislature consider her Private Property Protection Plan in the first 60 days of the session. While the fiddler vetoed popular eminent domain reform legislation supported by the Texas Farm Bureau, Hutchison has always fought for landowners and will continue to be a friend of Texas landowners in the governor’s office.

Recommended reading:
(1) Republican Party of Texas platform (2008, 2006, 2004) and the Texas Democratic Party platform (2008, 2006): both parties criticize the TTC and abusive eminent domain.
(2) Texas Transportation Code: Chapter 224 describes property acquisition/eminent domain and cost burdens to counties; Chapter 227 defines the Trans-Texas Corridor.
(3) A Citizensâ„¢ Report on the Current and Future Needs of the I-35 Corridor: prepared and released by the I-35 Corridor Advisory Committee, November 12, 2008.
About the author:
Sheila Cox resides in Cooke County and serves on the I-35 Corridor Advisory Committee. She is a member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women and serves as Legislative Chairman with the Cooke County Republican Women. She has received national recognition in two fields: in teaching as a recipient of “Outstanding Secondary Educators of America”; and in real estate marketing as an inductee into the “Merrill Lynch Realty Leading Edge Society”. Contact info: sheila.cox77@yahoo.com


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