Anyone But Perry, the Texas Lawn Chair Larry

Remember Lawn Chair Larry? The former trucker, Larry Walters, got an honorable mention from the Darwin Awards which “salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally remove themselves from it”.

Click here to find out what Lawn Chair Larry and Governor Rick Perry have in common and why independent, non-aligned voters may adopt an “Anyone But Perry” strategy for the 2010 race for Texas Governor.


"Adios Mofo", Rick Perry, June 20, 2005


Yes, he said it on June 20, 2005. And yes, we want to dump Rick Perry in November 2010. (Not the brightest bulb in the pack, ol’ Rick thought the mike was off as he nastily mimicked a reporter who was trying to get a real answer out of the Guv.)

Yes, Rick Perry said it, on June 20, 2005.  Send Rick down his toll roads.

Send Rick down his Trans-Texas Corridor!

We know you’re just not going to be able to resist adding one of the T-shirts to your wardrobe and wearing it around town.

They’re $20 a piece, and the proceeds go to fuel our organizing for Rick Perry’s defeat in 2010.

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Independent Texans members will vote on our endorsement for Governor and other races sometime in January. You must be a dues paying member to vote. Dues are just $10 for the year. (Please note: There is no partisan voter registration requirement in Texas, so becoming an independent is a self-declaration.)


1. Independent Texans will hold a crucial conference call on Sunday, September 20, at 7 pm. We will focus on the Governor’s race, but the agenda will be open to discuss any and all down ballot races on any and all party lines or independent. Please mark your calendar and send a note to our secretary, Pat Jones, who will email you conference call instructions closer to the date of the call. (Note: Our members will vote on our endorsements sometime in January, not on this or other conference calls!)

2. We were asked by our friends at the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance to announce their terrific Farm and Food Leadership Conference on September 14-15 in San Antonio. Check it out here y’all: http://farmandranchfreedom.org/content/conference-2009.

3. Many members and friends have asked us to pass on some important information to you about the swine flu vaccine. Click here for this information.

Hope to “see” you on the call on September 20th!

PS Feel free to forward this message to all who want to dump Perry this November!


Update on Special Session

Dear Friends & Members:

Listen y’all. Word on Austin’s Capitol Hill is that phone calls from citizens across the state are having an effect. Reporter, Peggy Fikac, says we’re “raising a ruckus”, and gave this report here.

Legislators are very uneasy about passing Perry’s third item to reauthorize TxDOT to do private toll road deals, which might include the Trans-Texas Corridor. They also really don’t want the public to know they are planning to use even more state pension and retirement funds to prop up these risky toll deals. (Rep. Liebowitz will be introducing an amendment tomorrow to SB 1 to eliminate pension funds from the SB 1.)

Tomorrow the Legislature is going to have to come to or stand up to papa (Rick Perry).

Keep up the pressure. Call in tomorrow and tell them no to the Corridor, no to privatizing and selling off our highways to the lowest bidder, and no to using pension and retirement funds to prop up risky toll road deals.

The Capitol Switchboard number is 512-463-4630. They will send folks to their appropriate Representative.

Got questions? Feel free to email me or call me tomorrow.

Thanks to the many people who contributed to help get the word out across Texas. Tomorrow we will finish reaching hundreds of thousands of people, focused on areas most affected by the Trans-Texas Corridor.

WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH (especially in today’s economy)!

Don’t let up on those guys and gals in the lege — they work for you!

Linda Curtis
Independent Texans
PO Box 14294
Austin, TX 78761
512-535-0989 home office
512-383-8484 Austin office
512-657-2089 cell


Indies Out to Dump the TTC & Perry in the Special Session & In March Primary

Independent Texans, a citizens’ political action committee, put out tens of thousands of “Impeach Perry” bumper stickers and buttons across the state over the last two years. The organization is calling hundreds of thousands of independent voters today to join with anti-TTC Republicans to help ensure the defeat of the Governor’s plan in the special session to reauthorize the Trans-Texas Corridor. Further, the independents are using Perry’s continued push for the Corridor and “double-tax” toll roads to establish organizing committees throughout the state to “identify, organize and lasso” independent voters to enter the March Republican Party primary to dump Perry. The message being delivered today says, “Once again Governor Perry is attempting ram the Trans-Texas Corridor on Texans (HB 3), despite our universal opposition to it AND to use our state pension and retirement funds (SB 1) to prop up the risky toll roads. Contact your State Representative NOW at 512-463-4630 and sign up at IndependentTexans.org to join the citizens’ movement to dump Rick Perry next March.”

Linda Curtis, Director of Independent Texans, a 30 year veteran of the independent movement, said, “The Governor has a ‘thing’ about the Corridor and hiring lobbyists for the Corridor to push his legislative agenda. The newest example is Perry’s recently appointed Chief of Staff, Ray Sullivan, who came to the Governor’s office from his lobbying job for HTNB, the senior engineering firm consulting on the Trans-Texas Corridor. Is it any surprise that the Governor’s office has cranked out legislation to reauthorize the Corridor and comprehensive development agreements that the people of this state, including most of our elected officials, have said emphatically that we don’t want? Now, as the Governor’s toll roads are beginning to experience financial troubles due to low traffic volume (yesterday a plane was able to land on Texas 130, a leg of the TTC just outside of Austin), he is pushing to involve even more state pension funds to prop them up. We urge legislators to stand tall and to join Texans of all political persuasions to send this Governor down his toll roads by defeating this legislation.”

Independent Texans is one of many organizations working to mobilize voters for this special session to, once and for all, end Perry’s toll road schemes, foisted on Texans in the 2003 legislative session by then Transportation Committee Chair in the House and Perry loyalist, Mike Krusee. Krusee was forced not to seek reelection over the issue and is now a high paid lobbyist.

Many organizations from across the state and across the political spectrum — representing farmers, ranchers, environmentalists, transportation advocates, property rights groups, and all political parties — are fighting the TTC. A letter to the incoming Obama administration was sent in January detailing their concerns about public-private partnerships and calling for major reforms. The legendary chair of the US House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, James Oberstar, put out a press release on June 22 calling for less tollways and more public transit.

The numbers of independent (non-aligned) voters in Texas is unknown, but is probably about 5 million people. 1.3 million of them voted for one of two independent gubernatorial candidates in 2006, Carole Keeton Strayhorn and Kinky Friedman. The only organization in Texas attempting to organize political independents (a process often likened to ‘herding cats’) is Independent Texans.

For More Information:
Linda Curtis
Independent Texans
PO Box 14294
Austin, TX 78761
512-535-0989 home office
512-383-8484 Austin office
512-657-2089 cell


US House Wants More Transit Spending, Fewer Tolls

On Thursday the bipartisan leadership of the US House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee introduced its $500 billion blueprint for federal transportation programs over the next six years. In addition to creating new rail and transit subsidies, the proposal introduces new roadblocks for state looking to convert existing free roads into toll roads.

Committee Chairman James L. Oberstar (D-Minnesota) and Ranking Member John L. Mica (R-Florida) agreed that legislative consideration of the proposal should move forward this Wednesday. Oberstar’s proposal represents a 53 percent increase in spending over the previous authorization level and will require significant increases in revenue generated. Oberstar lashed out at a suggestion from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood that Congress should hold off on action so that the expected vote on raising gas taxes would be delayed until after the midterm congressional elections.

“We don’t have time [to wait] for eighteen months,” Oberstar said. “That puts a Damocles sword of uncertainty over the future of transportation. It is unacceptable. We are open to negotiation with the White House, but they have too come across the divide and talk with us. We are a separate, distinct and independent body of government coequal with the executive branch and expect to have a partnership in shaping the future of transportation.”

The proposal consolidates or terminates 75 federal programs into a series of new offices that determine how federal gas tax receipts will be spent. Many of the new offices are designed to meet Obama Administration non-highway priorities, including an office that will redesign streets to cater to the needs of non-motorists. New priorities such a bus lanes will be mandated through the use of “greenhouse gas reduction” quotas.

“The Office of Livability will establish a focal point within the Federal Highway Administration to advance environmentally sustainable modes of transportation, including transit, walking, and bicycling,” the plan’s executive summary explained. “This office will encourage integrated planning, linking land use and transportation planning, to support the creation of livable communities…. The Environmental Protection Agency, in consultation with DOT, will establish national transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.”

The tolling industry is already gearing up for battle after the blueprint proposed to repeal the laws currently used to impose tolls on federal aid highways. These include the Interstate System Construction Toll Pilot programs, the Road User Fees Field Test, Value Pricing Pilot program and the Public-Private Partnership pilot program. The blueprint, however, does not end tolling. Instead, it creates the Office of Public Benefit to restrain its use to narrowly defined circumstances.

“To protect the integrity of the nation’s surface transportation system and the public interest regarding trade and travel, the federal surface transportation program requires strengthened public protections regarding highway toll projects and PPP agreements,” the proposal stated.

The blueprint explained how it would end a number of common tolling practices. Money collected from motorists could not be used to supplement spending on projects outside the toll road itself. Private companies would not be allowed to prevent improvements on nearby free roads through “non-compete” contract agreements with state transportation officials. Details about tolling proposals would have to be made available to the public before being finalized. A report would have to be made on the effect of traffic diversion on nearby streets and subsidies for “low-income travelers” would have to be implemented.

A copy of the blueprint is available in a 500k PDF file at the source link below. Source


Austin is Not Developers’ Monopoly Board

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Austin is Not Developers' Monopoly Board

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