While We’re Eating Tacos, They’re Eating Our Lunch, San Antonio!

Independent Texans News

This message is sent from Independent Texans PAC (founded in 2001) not to be confused with the League of Independent Voters, a nonprofit membership organization founded in 2013. Take action, please! ►Why are heavyweight politicos like the Castros, Austin Mayor Steve Adler and State Democratic Chair, Gilberto Hinojosa, joining with a treasure trove of real […]

Not a time to switch horses, vote for Lee County Judge Paul Fischer

Independent Texans Endorsements! Lee, Bastrop, Austin & oh San Antonio!

Bastrop County Endorsements

Independent Texans endorsements focus on two county races (Lee and Bastrop) and on petition drives in Austin and San Antonio.  We rarely endorse in the primaries – we’re independents – so we’re staying out of the state and federal races. We do have one County endorsement, Lee County’s stalwart protector of water and land resources, […]