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Lost Pines Groundwater District Stunned Us – THANK YOU!

Folks, we were so stunned last night by the stand of the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District to ratchet back two of the three permits for groundwater from the Simsboro Aquifer, it took us a few minutes to realize what a HUGE victory it was!

Click here to read Environmental Stewardship’s cogent analysis of the Board’s truly courageous stand last night.

Please get a note to the Lost Pines Board and to our two County Judges below and give them a BIG THANK YOU!  Let them know that if Forestar Real Estate Group even so much as thinks about suing OUR groundwater district, you will help us raise the funds to turn this into a landmark case for the people of Texas!

Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District Board
Bastrop County Judge Paul Pape
Lee County Judge Paul Fischer

We also are making regional news!  Here’s a radio report from Statewide Impact News.  YNN Austin TV News continues their extensive coverage and the Austin American-Statesman (Asher Price) attended last night’s meeting.  If water marketers continue to try to raid the Simsboro Aquifer, we WILL fight back and this might just get us a real chance to win new rounds beyond our water district.

More coming soon.  Yahoo y’all — get some rest for the next round!

Independently yours,

Linda Curtis
Independent Texans

PS  Despite being in a recent car accident, Lee County Judge Fischer was present last night, so we especially appreciate him and wish him the best!


Bastrop & Lee County Water Meeting Alert

This alert is specifically for Bastrop and Lee County residents, though our friends elsewhere are always invited.

On Wednesday, May 8th, from 6 to 7:30 pm, Independent Texans will hold a community meeting at the First National Bank at their Elgin location, 1312 U.S. 290 (map here).  We will discuss strategy for protecting groundwater in the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District, in light of the contested case hearing request filed by Aqua Water Supply Corporation, and other potential strategies for citizens to take on their own.

Thanks to Upstart Bastrop Community TV, the video for the first hearing last week, on Wednesday, April 17th, is here!  More video coming soon!

This Independent Texans meeting on May 8th will be held one week prior to the contested case hearing by Aqua Water Supply about the Forestar, LCRA and End Op permit applications on Wednesday, May 15th at 5 pm in Bastrop.  The location for that hearing is going to be decided next week.  Please note that the regular meeting of the Lost Pines GCD will likely immediately follow this hearing.  We’ll keep you updated.

You will get another statewide legislative update shortly from [IndyFriends].  There’s reason to keep the calls going over this week and to focus in on the Calendars Committee too.

    Please note that this is a better number at which to call Rep. Allan Ritter, Natural Resource Committee Chair:  512-463-0607.  Again, watch for the update later today on HB 3250 and other legislation.

Got questions or ideas?  Call us or just reply to this message.  Meanwhile, please keep getting folks to sign up for our email alerts — on our website.  This saves us tremendous time and money.

Thank you Texas!


Flood the Capitol With Water Calls!

What More Can YOU Do to Protect Texas Aquifers & Landowners?
FLOOD the Capitol with phone calls into the Texas legislature now!

Just pick the phone and once you’ve made your calls
ask your friends and family anywhere in Texas to do the same.

Note:  Call your State House Representative and State Senator.  These are the folks that represent you in Austin (not Washington).  If you don’t know them you can simply call the Capitol Switchboard at 512-463-3630 and they will connect you!

You can also find them: on the web and ALL your state and federal representativesNote:  If Rep. Tim Kleinschmidt is your State Representative (district map here), he has leased his water rights and will benefit if Forestar Real Estate gets a 45,000 acre-feet permit approved in the Lost Pines (Lee and Bastrop counties) Groundwater Conservation District.  Therefore, writing letters to the local newspaper editors might be more effective.

Please also noteSen. Glenn Hegar (whose district is VERY rural and includes Lee County and parts east – see map here) helped open the door in the 2011 legislative for the water marketers to pressure groundwater districts for increased permitting.  It’s a complicated mess, but trust us and call Rep. Hegar!  State Senator Kirk Watson (Travis and Bastrop counties map here) is very connected to the growth push in central Texas.  Call him!

Then call your local Farm Bureau and ask them why they have not supported House Bill 3250, sponsored by Rep. Bill Callegari upon the request of the Texas Landowners Council (small farms).  TLC analysis here and here.

No matter where you live, call these two committee chairs of Natural Resources in the Senate and House.  They are:

*Rep. Allan Ritter, Natural Resources Committee in the House:  512-463-0706 (in addition:  ask him to release HB 3250 from his committee)

*Sen. Troy Frazier, Natural Resources Committee in the Senate:  512-463-0390

Here’s a sample message:

Note:  If you call the Capitol Switchboard 512-463-3630, just ask for your State Representative then call back for your State Senator.

My name is ________ and I live in _______________ (your city and county).

When you get to the right place:

I am calling to ask Representative/Senator ______________ for his/her help to protect our aquifers and the property rights of Texans living near them in rural Texas.  Before we start exporting water, everyone — rural, suburban and urban — must conserve.  We should not start with expensive pipelines and reservoirs before we are seriously conserving.  Citizens are beginning, on their own, to do this.  State leaders must lead by example and be honest about Texans’ limited water supply, rather than catering to the special interests hooked on growth.

If they ask you what you want them to do exactly, tell them:  It is your job to figure this out, but you can start by making sure that you stop any legislation like HB 1796 and HB 2740 (still pending the Natural Resources Committee), that would grandfather permit holders such that no reductions over 5% can be made. You can start holding town halls across the state, which includes the organization for independent voters – Independent Texans.  And, last you must acknowledge that Texas is in a water crisis.  Citizens will work with you on what we can accept – but you’ve got to start with honesty.  Water is scarce – more pipelines to move it, won’t make it rain.


Independent Texans

PO Box 651 *  Bastrop, Texas 78602  *  512-535-0989 * email * sign up to get our emails or phone calls


Red Alert: Take a Stand, Two Meetings – BE THERE!

We all know that water profiteers have had their eyes on the Simsboro formation of the Carrizo-Wilcox aquifer, underlying Bastrop and Lee counties, for some time now. (Make sure you’ve read our media release here.)

Last week the Texas House passed HB 4, lining up $2B from the Rainy Day Fund to fund pipelines to move water around the state, despite the House analysis stating that not enough money was allocated to conservation!  (More soon on this topic.)

Please come to these two urgently important meetings — the Independent Texans strategy meeting in Giddings on Monday, April 8th, 6 pm, Giddings Library (map here) — AND the hearing in Giddings on Wednesday, April 17th, 6 pm, Giddings City Hall (map here) — bring a lawn chair! 

Click on and Share this flier about these meetings.

Your Action Plan:  1.  Come to both meetings/invite your neighbors, 2.  Write a letter to the editor of your local paper, including the Austin American-Statesman, 3.  Spread the word!

Please share the flier or use the share button on this site and share through Facebook/social networking.  If you want hard copies of the flier below, call us at 512-535-0989.

We also need volunteers — call us!

Independent Texans will lay out for you, at the April 8th meeting, a number of options for fighting this.  Therefore, this meeting is critical to success on the 17th.

As we have said, we all need water.  Robbing Peter to pay Paul is madness.

Please watch your emails for more this week.  If you do not receive our emails, click on the link just before our logo on the top right hand side of this page and sign up.

Thank you Texas!


Grassroots declare victory, issues warning!

Thank you to Terri Hall and Texas TURF, for issuing this joint press release with Independent Texans and We Texans about Tuesday’s election results on statewide propositions:

Release:  Grassroots declare victory, issues warning!

The Texas Water War is now officially on.  The filing deadline for candidates in all parties, or as independent/non-unaffiliated, is December 15th.  The courts are now drawing the lines, as the legislature made fatal errors.

The upcoming election is a great opportunity. Independent Texans is looking for candidates!

We will call a meeting real soon. Meanwhile, get this poster out across Texas land! Post it around town and email it, and Facebook it!

Wanted - Citizens to fight the Water Robber Barons!


Ten proposed constitutional amendments appeared on the ballot in the November 8 election. Here is a summary of each. Results appear beside each proposition. For more details, head to or

Proposition 1 — PASSED

Allows a full property tax homestead exemption for the surviving spouse of a totally disabled veteran if the spouse has not remarried and the property was the family’s homestead when the veteran died.

Proposition 2 — PASSED

Authorizes the Texas Water Development Board to issue additional general obligation bonds up to $6 billion.

Proposition 3 — PASSED

Authorizes the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to issue general obligation bonds on a continuing basis to finance student loans.

Proposition 4 — FAILED

Allows the Legislature to permit a county to issue bonds or notes to develop an “unproductive, underdeveloped or blighted” area.

Proposition 5 — PASSED

Permits cities and counties to enter into contracts with other cities and counties without having to assess property taxes to pay the contract costs.

Proposition 6 — PASSED

Increases the amount of principal available for withdrawal from the permanent school fund each year and clarifies some references to the fund in the state constitution.

Proposition 7 — FAILED

Adds El Paso County to the counties allowed to create conservation and reclamation districts to develop tax-financed parks and recreation areas.

Proposition 8 — FAILED

Provides for a lower property tax appraisal for land where the owner is engaging in good water stewardship, similar to the existing agriculture and wildlife exemptions.

Proposition 9 — PASSED

Allows the governor, upon recommendation of the Board of Pardons and Paroles, to grant a pardon, reprieve or commutation of a sentence for someone who has completed deferred adjudication community supervision.

Proposition 10 — PASSED

Extends the length of the unexpired term that causes the automatic resignation of a local elected office holder if the official becomes a candidate for another office. The length of the remaining term is extended to one year and 30 days, instead of the previous one year.

For reports on each County click here.


Austin is Not Developers’ Monopoly Board

Sign it, if you live in Austin

Austin is Not Developers' Monopoly Board

Dear Mayor Adler and Austin City Council Members:


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