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Building the Rural-Urban Coalition for Local Control

The League of Independent Voters is a non-profit membership association for non-aligned, independent voters. This event has a terrific line up of activists from throughout the state who have been doing stellar work on protection of water and land resources, fair elections and local control.

This event is to prepare citizens to defend their rights to local control with the legislature in session.

This event’s details can be found here on the League’s website.



Reply requested: No eminent domain for private gain, Santa.

Coming out of 9 East Texas hearings, the League of Independent Voters of Texas has prepared a report and is making a call to action in January!

On the weekend of January 11-12, in the small town of Paige (Bastrop County), the League is bringing in outside help to develop a revolutionary approach to regaining local control, in the anti-federalist spirit of Jefferson, Madison and Thomas Paine.

Click on this link, and come to Paige!

Texans are besieged with corporate interests using eminent domain for private gain, while state officials try to shift blame to the feds. That dog don’t hunt, guys, since you’re in charge in Texas.

* Forestar Real Estate Group’s rehearing last Monday for more groundwater from the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District resulted in no Board action until they review all the testimony. Wimberley’s Malcolm Harris, an expert attorney in water rights, turned a lot of heads with this testimony, as did Michele Gangnes’ (Neighbors for Neighbors) testimony here. Special thanks to Travis County residents, Roger Baker (Save Our Springs) and Dick Kallerman (Sierra Cub, Austin), for their supportive testimony. And, as always, Environmental Stewardship did the heavy lifting providing expert testimony for the recordES received over $500 in donations at the hearing — thank y’all! If you still want to help, please send a tax-deductible donation to Environmental Stewardship, PO Box 1423, Bastrop, TX 78602.

Please also send your comments about the Forestar rehearing request here to the Lost Pines GCD.

*  Terri Hall (Texas TURF) writes about private developers seizing Terrell Graham’s property in the Texas Hill Country to discharge treated sewage. Click here and take action for Mr. Graham, who also reached out to us.

Again, click on this link about the East Texas hearings and what the plan is for Jan. 11-12.  


Come to Giddings THIS Wednesday, 7 pm American Legion!

The vultures are circling the Lost Pines (Lee and Bastrop counties’ aquifer to be specific) to grab our groundwater quicker than a New York minute, especially in light of a the recent unholy alliance formed between Forestar Real Estate Group and the Hays County Commissioners Court.  (More below…)  Don’t worry, we are far from dead yet!

It is imperative that you come to the next Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District (Lost Pines GCD) meeting THIS COMING Wednesday, 7 pm, in Giddings at the American Legion in Giddings at 1502 U.S. 77.  Map here.)

An open letter was sent yesterday to the Lost Pines GCD by our coalition to share our thoughts and to support our district continuing to stand strong in light of a number of facts you need to know.  This letter, linked below, will provide some information for you to consider speaking about at the beginning of Wednesday’s meeting during Citizens’ Communication — shortly after 7 pm.  The district was nice enough to move us to the larger venue (the American Legion) so please come and bring the family!

Read the Coalition Letter right here on Environmental Stewardship’s blog:

Got questions?  Reply or give us a call.  Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!


Don’t miss Monday’s hearing with EndOp; Forestar Files Motion for Rehearing (no surprise there..)

REMINDER:  Preliminary Hearing this coming Monday, August 12, 10 am at the Bastrop Convention Center.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is not a hearing at which the community is invited to speak.  This is a hearing before a Judge with the State Office of Administrative Hearings, who will determine whether landowners, including Environmental Stewardship, should be granted “party status” (the right to have a voice) in the challenge that Aqua Water Supply Coop has filed against EndOp and their permit request for 56,000 acre-feet per year.  Please come!

ALSO PLEASE NOTE:   Just as we expected, Forestar Real Estate Group, has filed for a rehearing with the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District.  Folks, this is something they must do in order to be in a position to sue the Lost Pines GCD.  It’s apparent that the Lost Pines GCD is sticking to its guns with their decision made last May to grant them 12,000 acre-feet per year (not 45,000) of groundwater from the Simsboro.  But these water speculators are just not satisfied — so they call us “NIMBY” in their Motion for Rehearing, page 8 (towards the bottom).

Click here to readForestar Real Estate Group’s Motion for Rehearing

It is residents and landowners’ positions in Lee County, where Forestar wants to sink its wells (in part, on property owned by our own State Representative, Tim Kleinschmidt), who ARE indeed looking out for their neighbors.  Call them all the names you want, Forestar.  It’s game on!


Bastrop & Lee County Water Update: What happened on Wednesday night

Friends in Bastrop & Lee Counties:

Thanks to the more than 100 folks who came out last night and stood up when Darwyn Hanna spoke to thank the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District (LPGCD) for standing tall to protect our water and aquifers.

WHAT HAPPENED?  Forestar formally requested the “Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law” posted below.  Now they have 20 days to request a rehearing.  Whether, when and if they get a rehearing is anyone’s guess — it’s up to the LPGCD to grant such a rehearing.   Here’s the Findings of Facts:

THE LOST PINES WATER DEFENSE FUND has been established:  We announced the fund last night to the seeming delight of the LPGCD.  Though Forestar has not yet sued the district, they are clearly positioning to do so.  What’s more, landowners are already seeking “party status” to join Aqua Water’s challenge to the EndOp application for 56,000 acre/feet/year.  Landowners and residents, in order to be represented in both these legal proceedings, need our own fund.  Read the statement below about this fund, and please consider sending a donation today.

FURTHER ACTIONS FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION:  Please save the date for the September 21st (Saturday, 10 to 5 pm) Independent Texans’ Convention at the Bastrop Convention Center. The theme of this convention is, “Building Cross-Partisan Coalitions”.  Watch for the convention agenda coming soon!

It’s going to be a long haul, folks, so let’s stick together!

Click here to read about the:  Lost Pines Water Defense Fund


Austin is Not Developers’ Monopoly Board

Sign it, if you live in Austin

Austin is Not Developers' Monopoly Board

Dear Mayor Adler and Austin City Council Members:


Why don't you share this with your friends, please:

Make Growth Pay for Itself

No Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose