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Bastrop/Lee County Water War Escalates Again!

It appears that the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District, at their regular monthly meeting next Wednesday, will have to address a request for reconsideration (and possibly more) of the 45,000-acre feet/year permit requested by Forestar Real Estate Group.  Remember, the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District granted Forestar 12,000-acre feet instead of the 45,000 they requested.  Though many of us thought 12,000 acre-feet was probably too generous, we also fully understood why the board did what they did, and they were and are heroes for doing so.

It also appears that this is not enough for Forestar and they are — at the very least — trying to preserve their right to sue Lost Pines GCD.

We’ll see more on Wednesday night at 7 pm at Bastrop City Hall.  Be there and bring friends!

Click here to read the entire Agenda for Wednesday.

Please comment below answering these two questions:

1.  Can you attend on Wednesday — 7 pm, Bastrop City Hall, 1311 Chestnut?  Map here.

2.  Can you bring others, if so, how many?  We want to make sure there’s enough seating inside the building.  (Please ask your local elected officials, business owners and community leaders to be there.)

We’ll be sending out more information before Wednesday, but again, please plan to come and bring others!


Kleinschmidt Running for his Political Life

State Representative Tim Kleinschmidt apparently believes he can sell out his constituents’ water rights and still get reelected.  He has declared he’s running for reelection, though we think it might be for his political life.  We count six times he uses the word “conservative” — in four sentences.  What does the word “conservative” mean to you?  Please comment at the end of this post after you read his letter here:  Kleinschmidt Runs Again.


Media Advisory: Monday, June 17th, 3 pm Media Conference

Contacts:  Debra Medina, We Texans, 512.663.8401, Linda Curtis or Jessica Ellison, Independent Texans, 512.657.2089 and 512.653.9179, Julia Trigg Crawford, 713.443.8789, Laura Ehrlich, Jim Hightower & Associates, 512.477-5588

Cross-Partisan Coalition Calls on Lt. Governor and House Speaker for Interim Study and Full Public Hearings on Eminent Domain Abuse Starting in East Texas, to include Public Safety Concerns Related to Potential Water Threats from Tar Sands Crude and Hydraulic Fracking

WHAT:  An unlikely coalition of leaders from across the partisan divide are starting a door knocking campaign to urge Lt. Governor Dewhurst and House Speaker Straus to call for an Interim Study on Eminent Domain Abuse following the close of the current Special Session.  Rumors abound that the Governor will call yet another Special Session in July, this one with eminent domain on the Call.  This would waste taxpayer dollars as consensus is unlikely because affected Texans have yet to be heard.

WHEN:  Press Conference is on Monday, June 17th at 3 pm, just following door knocking.

WHERE:  Outside the Capitol Grill, Capitol Extension, E1.002 (3 pm)

WHY: We believe a consensus on real eminent domain reform is impossible without FULL PUBLIC HEARINGS in the affected areas of Texas (not Austin).  The Lt. Governor and House Speaker are empowered to call for an Interim Study.  This should begin immediately following this Special Session in the areas where land was seized by TransCanada for the Keystone XL pipeline, before any hearings took place whatsoever.  Hearings that did take place were limited to the parties and excluded critical issues such as the potential harm from a spill over one of the largest Texas aquifers, the Carrizo-Wilcox that serves 10-12 million people and countless farms.  If the aquifer is polluted, the aquifer is dead and so would be Texas farming and our economy.  In addition, these hearings should address hydraulic fracking’s excessive use of potable water in the midst of our severe water shortage.

SPEAKERS:  (and possibly more)

Julia Trigg Crawford, Lamar County farmer

Debra Medina, We Texans

Jim Hightower, former Texas Agriculture Commissioner


Thank you Keep Bastrop County Beautiful!

Linda Tree Hugging







Thanks to volunteers from left to right, Eric, Andy, Henry, Thomas from me, the tree hugging Linda Curtis, and others not pictured — Lea, Lee, Charles and Martha — we had great success at the Green Expo.  Also, the lovely people at Keep Bastrop County Beautiful, who put on this event, gave us a prime spot for our table, which we greatly appreciated.

Independent Texans would like to come to your community.  Let us know if you need us by calling us at 512-535-0989 or send Linda Curtis an email at


Legislature & Lost Pines Coverage Raise the Bar on Water War!

Congratulations for all those involved, especially the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District and the Brown family of Lee County, for standing tall against the water profiteers.  This could turn out to be a landmark fight for Texans, if the marketers keep pushing it, which is likely.

Read today’s Statesman piece, appropriately printed on Memorial Day.

On an even more difficult note, the Legislature has passed $2B to be taken from the Rainy Day Fund for a water bank.  Those funds will, no doubt, be used for pipelines to move groundwater and for reservoirs. One such reservoir that NE Texans have been fighting for years, would flood heritage farmland for more water for Dallas, despite Dallas’ failure, so far, to implement water conservation on par with other major Texas cities.

The good news is that the $2B water deal will be on the November ballot!  So stay tuned for an analysis that will take some time.

I have not yet begun to fight! (John Paul Jones)

How ’bout you?


Austin is Not Developers’ Monopoly Board

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Austin is Not Developers' Monopoly Board

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