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Nix Prop 6! Growth Must Pay for Itself and Other Updates!

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Thank you ALL for helping to spread the word to Nix Prop 6. Special thanks to Bill Bunch (Save Our Springs Alliance, Austin) for his terrific debate performance on YNN (Cable News, Austin).  Check it out!

Here’s a Nix Prop 6 flier you can print out and here is a flier good for posting (both are two per page). If you can get a letter to the editor out, do it now!  And don’t forget the Nix Six web page is here. We continue to get lots of media calls!

We can defeat Prop 6 by reaching our networks of Texas voting friends and asking each one to reach one.  Keep it up, y’all!

Check out these updates!

BASTROP/LEE COUNTIES: Wednesday night citizens gave the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District Board a standing ovation, for their impressive rebuke of the heavy-handed actions of Forestar Real Estate Group to grab Lee and Bastrop counties’ groundwater.  The board is letting the clock run out on their request for a rehearing. Watch out!  Forestar is fixin’ to sue the Lost Pines GCD, escalating the water war. (More here at Environmental Stewardship and here too.)

CITY OF AUSTIN:  Real estate developer and industry whistle-blower, Brian Rodgers of, has been working for years to sell the notion that growth must pay for itself. Congratulations to Austin citizens and the Austin City Council for, on first reading, passing impact fees on new development that will help begin making growth pay for itself. This will come back to the Council again next Thursday. More here: “Welcome to Austin, but pay your own way“.

* GRIMES COUNTY & SURROUNDS: Monday, October 21st at 6 pm, at the Roans Prairie Community Center, at the crossroads of Hwy. 30 and Hwy. 90 (Grimes County) a new property rights group, PRO TEAMS (Facebook page here), is holding an informal hearing to address eminent domain abuse, public safety and protection of water resources related to certain pipelines.  We hope to see you there! More here: Fill out a contact form if you’d like to hold a similar event in your community. (See Roans notice below.)

MONTGOMERY COUNTY:  This Thurs., Oct. 24th, at Grace Community Church, 24400 N. IH-45, Spring, Texas at 5 pm, our friend, Debra Medina, is speaking at a joint candidate debate of the Montgomery County Republicans and Montgomery County Tea Party where a straw poll will be taken.  If you are a Montgomery Republican or an independent that sometimes votes in Republican primaries, please attend. It’s $10 entry fee.

NACOGDOCHES: This Thurs., Oct. 24th, at Austin Heights Baptist Church, 2806 Appleby San Road, Nacogdoches, a Town Hall Hearing, similar to the hearing in Grimes County (above) will be held from 6:30-9:00 pm. Details here.


Nix Prop 6 Media Bonzanza Reached 1 Million Texans!

Luckily Texas media still likes to cover a good fight.  They did on Monday, big time.  Nix Prop 6ers probably reached 1 million Texans!

Some of this coverage is now on our “Nix Prop 6” page under the “October 14th Media Bonanza!” here:

The proponents of Prop Six are starting to come out of the woodwork with paid ads, paid phone bankers and false claims that Prop 6 is about conservation. It just isn’t so.

Watch this clip from KENS-TV with Sam Brannon and Terri Hall.  This is the truth and media’s starting to get a clue:

Here’s how we reach millions more Texans.  Just start blogging, writing letters to the editors, talking at the beauty shops, feed stores, coffee shops — you get the drill. If all of you do this, YOU have the capacity to reach millions more Texans — seriously!

Use all the information here on our “Nix Prop Six” blog page — you can social network it from there or even print out fliers:

Let us know how it’s going and we will pay if forward.

Early voting starts next Monday!  This is now in our hands — Texas voters, that is.


Lotta lootin’ going on! Get ready to act! Bastrop job openings!

* Funny things have been happening ever since the Hays County Commissioners Court jumped in bed with Forestar Real Estate Group. The Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District is meeting with Forestar on Friday, so says the news. Get ready to attend the next Lost Pines GCD meeting next Wednesday, 7 pm, currently scheduled for Giddings City Hall.  (Note: we will be asking for a larger venue.)  We’ll send you more poop before then.  And, please read Environmental Stewardship’s urgent update here:

* Even funnier things are happening on Prop 6 now that we’re fixin’ to vote on it:

*  Next Monday, October 14th, please join one of our No on Prop 6 press conferences in San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Austin. Keep checking here for details:

 Austin!  Thurs., Oct. 17th, 6:30 pm, the League of Women Voters – Austin Area will hold a debate on Prop 6.  No, Water Texas PAC and H204Texas won’t debate. But this one should be a hot one with Bill Bunch (Save Our Springs Alliance) taking the No on 6 position.  It’s at the Triumphant Love Church, 9508 Great Hills Trail, Austin.

*  Monday, October 21st, 6 pm, at Roans Prairie Community Center (at the crossroads of Hwy. 30 and Hwy. 90), there is a public hearing by a new local organization in Grimes County and surrounds started by Martha and Bob Strawn and Joan Escamilla — called Pro-TEAMS (Facebook here) on citizen’s concerns about eminent domain abuse, public safety and protection of water resources related to pipelines. Visit and consider holding your own hearings!

*  The new League of Independent Voters of Texas has parttime jobs for phone callers! If you’re good on the phone and can work in Bastrop, please call 512-213-4511 right away.  Only 4 positions are open!

*   Have you seen the firestorm of comments on news blogs about the possibility of Debra Medina running as an independent candidate for Governor?  We say…run, Debra, run, however you wish…and don’t let the partisanship get you down!  P.S. They always call independents “spoilers”!  More here:

*  Independent Texans now has regular Saturday, 9 am conference calls.  This next Saturday’s focuses on Prop 6, the water amendment and how to defeat it.  Early voting starts on Monday, Oct. 21.  Reply if you want the conference number or, if you’ve joined us in the past, you already have it.


Advisory: Nix Prop 6 Press Conferences!

Press conferences in four cities (Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Austin) involving a cross-partisan coalition opposed to Proposition 6, are taking place on Monday, October 14. This coalition is informal. Each speaker will explain why they oppose Prop 6 and where they have found common ground with others to oppose this amendment. If you need additional information please contact Linda Curtis at 512-535-0989 or send an email to

Additional speakers who may also be joining us will be added before the press conferences begin.

If you need additional information please contact Linda Curtis at 512-657-2089 or send an email to

Dallas:  1 pm, Irving City Hall early voting location:  825 W Irving Blvd, Irving, TX.  Join Debra Medina (We Texans), Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview), Linda Curtis (Independent Texans), Shirley Shumake representing farmers opposed to the Marvin Nichols Reservoir in NE Texas,  Jerry Pikulinski, Tarrant IndyTexans,

San Antonio:  10 am, Lion’s Field early voting location:  2809 Broadway, San Antonio, TX.  Join Terri Hall (Texans United for Reform and Freedom), Alyssa Burgin, Texas Drought Project, Sam Brannon, Hays Constitutional Republicans, Rachell Tucker, Bexar County Green Party, Jake Tucker, Students for United for Socioeconomic Justice.

Austin:  10 am, LCRA Offices, 3700 Lake Austin Blvd., Bill Bunch, Save Our Springs Alliance, Roger Baker, “The Road Scholar”, Jere Locke, Texas Drought Project, Lenee Lovejoy, Hays Constitutional Republicans, Heather Fazio, Texans for Accountable Government.

Houston:  10 am, North End of the Hobby Center Pedestrian Bridge, 800 Bagby, parking at the Hobby Center Parking Garage off Walker close to Bagby.  Buffalo Bayou and downtown skyline in the background.  Kathie Glass, seeking the Libertarian nomination for Governor 2014, Jeff Larson, State Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus, Jasheka Lee, Houston Independentsl  Tom Sherman, Concerned Citizens for Texas Water Resources Barry Klein, Houston Property Rights Association; Mary Huls, Clear Lake Tea Party seeking Republican nomination HD-129, Heidi Thiess, Clear Lake Tea Party and


Funny Things Happen Before Elections, Especially on Prop 6

Funny things happen on the eve of elections. Why should Prop 6 be any different?  Today’s story put out by some media outlets about the Texas Taxpayers and Research Association’s claims is an example of the bad journalism that harms our voting process.  This group says that we have nothing to worry about by diverting $2B from the Rainy Day Fund because Texas is experiencing a virtual “flood” of oil and gas taxes (which supplies the RDF).  Well, that settles that!

KEYE-TV news called us for a comment.  Thank you KEYE-TV.  We pointed out that oil and gas is a cyclical business, so no one has a crystal ball.  Furthermore, we pointed out the obvious, that money doesn’t make it rain.

Texans for Public Justice provided a very helpful analysis today of the big money backing Prop 6.  It is another scam by businesses who are trying to buy this election to control the purse for water projects.  The two largest contributors are Associated General Contractors ($375K) and Dow Chemical ($250K).  Do you think they care about affordability or ensuring independent farming doesn’t completely tank in Texas after they move groundwater or flood agricultural land for wasteful reservoirs?

Friends, the Texas Taxpayers and Research Association is not a taxpayer group.  Here’s who they are.  They are big business and trade associations who make their money off of the growth.  They are hardly a taxpayer group that cares about the average taxpayers – young and old, of all economic persuasions.  We cannot keep footing the bill for businesses that are not paying their fair share for growth and profiting off of our increased un-affordability and poverty.

Most importantly, it is becoming apparent that there is not enough water to sustain the “flood” of the newcomers.  That is why moving groundwater – stealing from Peter to pay Paul – is in vogue right now.  Citizens, taxpayers and all of us being pushed to the economic brink, must unite and build the only hope we have now – the independent political movement!


Austin is Not Developers’ Monopoly Board

Sign it, if you live in Austin

Austin is Not Developers' Monopoly Board

Dear Mayor Adler and Austin City Council Members:


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Make Growth Pay for Itself

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