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Vista Ridge Has Competition, dooms Vista Ridge!

This article published last week in the Austin American-Statesman pretty much says it all about why the Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose is doomed. Hays County already has its own plans for water pipelines to build out central Texas, thank you very much.

The Hays County project, and other planned regional water projects in the Hill Country, will mean Vista Ridge is even more unnecessarily expensive. SAWS itself could have done a regional project. It also explains why there are no customers for excess Vista Ridge water! (Never you mind, Hays Countians and others along IH-35, as to whether you want to fuel this growth by paying for it.)

This Thursday, December 7, the San Antonio City Council will vote on water rate hikes – some of which are needed for legitimate projects. The real question is whether they’re going to rein SAWS in and put them on notice to find a way out of Vista Ridge.

The previous Mayor, Ivy Taylor (who got the boot) and Council repeatedly refused to pull back on this disastrous $3.4 billion mistake. They even have yet to force SAWS to account for the $120 million meant for the pipeline that disappeared when their previous private partner, Abengoa, predictably went bankrupt! If you think Garney Construction, the new private partner, will absorb this debt without figuring out how to pass it on to ratepayers, think again.

Please share this video with your San Antonio friends.
(This is the same one under the picture above — please share it widely.)

Be sure to ask them to call Mayor Ron Nirenberg and their city council member before this Thursday, December 7th, at 210-207-7040 to urge them to:

  • Oppose water rate hikes for Vista Ridge, 
  • Call for a thorough independent financial audit of Vista Ridge, and
  • Demand that the Mayor and City Council find a way out of Vista Ridge.

Want to know more about this? Join our conference call this evening at 8 pm. Reply for details.

We will be back very soon with some big news for independent voters in Texas — so keep an eye out.


Don’t be hosed by SAWS or the San Antone Hose!

San Antonio Water System official, Robert Puente, told the Express News that it would cost “hundreds of millions of dollars” for San Antonio to get out of the $3.4B Vista Ridge water pipeline project. But the paper failed to ask Puente if this includes the $120 million for the pipeline that went missing last year — for which SAWS has yet to account.

Please share this this 1-minute video.
“Don’t Be Hosed by SAWS or the San Antone Hose”  —>

Join us for a conference call this coming Sunday at 6 pm.
We have news for SAWS, The Hose and YOU! Call us for the conference line at 512-535-0989.

And yes, we will talk about upcoming elections. The filing period for candidates to run for local and state office opened on Saturday, November 11 and ends on December 11.

Independent Texans is a political action committee that supports candidates regardless of party persuasion. A united, cross-partisan movement to protect our resources and pocketbooks has long been our goal.

We promise you this for Sunday’s call. You will be intrigued to hear what’s going on with the water wars and independent politics…because our time has come!


SAWS buzz saw gets no R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

When SAWS CEO, Robert “what-me-worry?” Puente, was asked about the possibility of an open meetings violation this week, he suggested that we — the folks living over the aquifer he plans to raid – might be living in a “cave”. (It’s on the last page of this article).

Also, take note on that same page of the $1.25 million SAWS is giving to a number of organizations to make themselves look like the great benevolent conservation organization that they are NOT. (We say to those organizations, good for you and take the money and run. But please, realize SAWS wants to alienate you from other environmental organizations opposing Vista Ridge. Instead — consider using those funds to help us beat the SAWS buzz saw and save your city from being ridiculed as the water grabbing baron of Texas.)

Now, we take these SAWS people very seriously.

San Antonio Water Systems May 18, 2016 deliberations on Vista Ridge Water Project "the San Antone Hose"

SAWS Buzz Saw Gets No R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Watch this 1-minute video to see our very statesmanlike response to SAWS Chairman Berto Guerra who shares his conviction that SAWS has channeled divine intervention in the Vista Ridge deal to benefit San Antonians. (Berto’s rapture simply overtook him just before he leaves on his most recent junket to Spain.)

Sincere thanks to Terry Burns, Alamo Sierra Club Chair, for the best testimony yet on Vista Ridge. We, on the other side of the pipeline, appreciate you so much.

Please share this video and get your Texas friends to sign the petition right here.


Today, Friday, May 20th, is the last day to early vote in the small turnout runoff elections. Every WILL count.
Election Day is next Tuesday, May 24th.
Independent Texans proudly endorses these three fine candidates below.

Do you know someone who lives in their district? Click on the link below and look at the 35 counties they collectively represent: then, contact your friends now, please

David Simpson for Texas Senate District 1
Susan King for Texas Senate District 24
Ernest Bailes for Texas House District 18


PS Did you see the Conservation Scorecard that was released yesterday? SAWS, once a leader in conservation in the nation, is now ranked 14th in Texas. Great work, Texas Living Waters Project:

PPS Did we forget to beg you for money again? We’re shameless:


All not well in two-party hell

If you think all is well in two-party hell, ignore this message. Even the NY Times gets the pivotal role of independent voters and open primaries in (see paragraph 18), but the candidates remain largely clueless. Even Bernie, the longtime independent, has barely mentioned us!Alan_SAWS_2016_March_Final2 copy

It’s been a long time coming. We are witnessing history — the rupture of the major parties. There will be no billionaire running for President as an independent to save us. No. We ordinary Texans must unify ourselves outside the partisan divide and save the democratic republic for which we are supposed to stand.

Join us on our next Independent Texans’ conference call this Sunday evening at 5 pm. Reply for instructions. And, please join us in San Antonio this Saturday — more below.

►We’re supporting the petition drive in the outskirts of San Antonio to challenge the water rate hikes associated with the Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose. Anyone on SAWS (San Antonio Water System) who is not eligible to vote for San Antonio Mayor or Council, may sign this petition. Go here to download the petition. The petition must be submitted to the Public Utility Commission on March 29th, so get after it, y’all! (These are the cities that have SAWS ratepayers eligible to sign this petition: Adkins, Balconies Heights, Boerne, Castle Hills, China Grove, Converse, Elmendorf, Fair Oaks Ranch, Helotes, Hollywood Park, Leon Valley, Live Oak, Olmos Park, Saint Hedwig, San Antonio’s extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ), Shavano Park, Terrell Hills. Von Ormy).

►We’re also lending a petition hand to Laura Thompson, who is running as an independent for San Antonio’s Texas House District 120. She needs signatures to secure a place on the November ballot as an unaffiliated independent candidate.

What can you do?

Join us on Saturday in San Antonio at 10 am, meet Laura Thompson, and pick up her petition and the SAWS ratepayer petition!And please be on Sunday’s 5 pm conference call. Reply for details.

When: THIS Saturday, March 12, 10 am

Where: Pancho and Gringos, 900 Nolan, San Antonio
Note: Teams will be going out from there to collect signatures, so bring your walkin’ shoes!

Change is coming, folks, and it’s not all bad — so long as we organize. Just peruse these news clips in Texas Energy Report.

Our time has come — will you?

PS If you want to join the independent movement, we encourage you to join the non-profit League of Independent Voters of Texas. Go to for more info.

PPS Click on the sketch to get a better look at San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor with the scissors and SAWS CEO, Robert “what-me-worry?” Puente. More on Vista Ridge on Sunday’s call.


Austin is Not Developers’ Monopoly Board

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Austin is Not Developers' Monopoly Board

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Make Growth Pay for Itself

No Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose