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Good news, bad news and the ugly.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 4.06.22 PMThe good news is that plaintiffs suing to stop the toll road over the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone between Austin and Hays County won an important round in court yesterday that TxDOT and the toll authority are none too happy about. Congrats to all, especially SOS Alliance. Federal Judge Yeakel rejected the motion to dismiss.

The bad news (not unexpected) is last night the Simsboro communities got hosed on another mega-permit of groundwater in the Lost Pines (Lee and Bastrop counties). The privateering End Op, L.P. got a stair-stepped permit for 46,000 acre-feet of groundwater per year from the Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District. Though several years of pumping will be monitored for impact on the aquifer before the full amount is allowed, those who entered into this agreement may well be experimenting with irreparable damage to an ancient and very slow-recharge aquifer. Landowners are now preparing for more court action.. A few more details here from Environmental Stewardship.

Please read this handout from us last night to see how you can help.Hi, I'm Ivy from San Antonio, I'm here to steal your water.

Ready yet to join a good ol’ fashioned picket at the Growth Summit on Friday, Sept. 16 in San Marcos? Ivy from San Antonio is begging for her muzzle. Share this and come on out, y’all!


  • Sept. 25-27:  Have you registered yet for the scrumptious 10th Annual Farm and Food Leadership Conference? Do it here now.
  • Whistleblower developer Brian Rodgers has been rescheduled for Monday, October 3rd, at 7 pm at First National Bank of Bastrop.

We are ready to come talk to your group about how to join the independent movement. Just let us know and we’ll be there.

PS If you live in the city of Bastrop, come down to city hall tonight at 6:30. Water is being discussed in Executive Session but action must be voted on in public. Can’t make it? Watch on BTXN.TV.


COME TONIGHT — we’re not going away…far from it!

The Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District meeting tonight at 6 pm at Bastrop City

The goose that laid the golden egg -- the Simsboro

The goose that laid the golden egg — the Simsboro

Hall (1311 Chestnut) is one of the most important meetings you’ll ever attend.

There has been much confusion about End Op, Forestar, Vista Ridge (the San Antone Hose) and so many other water deals for a reason. The Simsboro is under siege.

We live in an area of the state where the goose that laid the golden egg — our groundwater — is about to get choked to death. Others of you who live along the I-35 growth corridor are also about to get choked to death with mounting debt for infrastructure to make sure that we keep bringing masses of people here as quicklly as possible to feed the growth lobby. Simsboro water is integral to this “growth machine.”

Lost Pines GCD has also been under siege as well, and they are buckling. That shouldn’t surprise anyone. What is surprising is that we — residents and landowners — are not only still standing, we’re still fighting for the incoming and next generation — not to mention our property rights, ecosystems and local economies.

Details fom Enviromental Stewardship

Bring donations small or large for the new non-profit Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund
and get ready for a whole new ballgame in the courts!

Quick note about the Bastrop City Council meeting last night: The petition games have started with lots of silliness to go around. Councilwoman Deborah Jones acted like she knew nothing about the “filers” of the petition — Independent Texans — or who I am. If memory serves us…here she is speaking at our candidate forum on April 18th sitting not 5 feet from me, the moderator.

Yes, we made a big mistake not endorsing Kelly Gilleland in that race. Bastrop is now paying for it but don’t worry, we will make amends in November and beyond with a whole new crop of people who are starting to pay attention.

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

P.S. If you live in the city of Bastrop, please make plans to attend the next city council meeting — next Tuesday at 6:30 pm. More soon.


Texans, armed with clipboards, can’t be beat!

Please read and share this message!

We need you at the Capitol this coming Monday at 9 am for a hearing on petitioning rights, AND

If you live in Lee or Bastrop counties (or are affected by the attempts to raid the Simsboro aquifer formation) show up on Wednesday night at 6 pm for what looks like THE FINAL decision on the End Op, L.P. mega-water permit! More…

Photo Credit:  Texas Tribune

Photo Credit: Texas Tribune

Folks, remember the nefarious attempt by Rep. Jim Keffer (R-Granbury) to gut our petition rights in the last legislative session? A broad coalition came together to stomp that bill to death in the Senate after it passed the House! Our “people’s check and balance” on local government — our rights to petition for a public vote — is to be protected, not attacked.

An important hearing of the Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations is taking place this coming Monday — with petition rights front and center. Come ye citizens of Texas!

Legislative Hearing, Monday, Aug. 15, 9 a.m. Details here.
Call us if you want to ride and/or to plan testimony.

Do you live in Lee or Bastrop County or depend on the Simsboro Aquifer?
Show up this Wednesday, August 10th at 6 pm!
Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District Hearing
Bastrop City Hall, 1311 Chestnut, Bastrop, TX

End Op, L.P. may just finally wrest their mega-permit for the 46,000 acre-feet of groundwater per year out of the Lost Pines GCD.

donate_to_relief_fund_lg_clrOur communities across the region are gearing up to lawyer-up with the new non-profit Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund. Show up and bring some money for the cause — and help get set for some big rounds in court.

Texans, armed with clipboards and a little cash, can’t be beat!

PS If you know any of the legislators on the Intergovernmental Relations Committee and can’t make the hearing, please send them an email or call them and tell them not to mess with our petition rights.

PPS If you like our Facebook page and share this post from there, it helps us reach thousands more people. Please do.


Austin is Not Developers’ Monopoly Board

Sign it, if you live in Austin

Austin is Not Developers' Monopoly Board

Dear Mayor Adler and Austin City Council Members:


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No Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose