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Report on Water Development Board “Schmoozefest”

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Thanks to the Freedom of Information Foundation and the League of Independent Voters, citizens were able to get in to the water lobby schmoozefest, aka the “Water for Texas Conference” on January 23-25, a privatized event sponsored by a state agency, the Texas Water Development Board. It was at this event that Patrick and his water lieutenant, State Sen. Charles Perry (R-Lubbock), made plain that they fully intend to roll right over rural Texans’ property rights (groundwater) and a united urban/rural citizen call to “conserve first, convey later.”

Here you can listen to Evan Smith, Texas Tribune CEO one of best interviewers in the country, trying to moderate a panel with Rep. Lyle Larson (R-San Antonio) running roughshod over him. (Hear Larson’s ceaseless rant about how landowners are “balkanizing” their water by refusing to “share” it). At the end, I called Sen. Perry out for holding closed interim hearings on water. His response? He did that politician dance otherwise known as refusal to answer the question.

Here you can listen to Dan Patrick’s luncheon speech He began with defending his decision to appoint then freshman, Sen. Perry, to chair the committee on Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs in 2016. At the end Patrick declares:

“I’m a big believer in property rights, if it’s on your land, it’s yours. But we’re going to have to work together to find a way to ensure that all of Texans have the water they need for whatever their needs are.”

Of course, Patrick didn’t define what he meant by water they “need”. Does he think San Antonio needs the massive Vista Ridge/San Antone Hose? They don’t.


Texans, armed with clipboards, can’t be beat!

Please read and share this message!

We need you at the Capitol this coming Monday at 9 am for a hearing on petitioning rights, AND

If you live in Lee or Bastrop counties (or are affected by the attempts to raid the Simsboro aquifer formation) show up on Wednesday night at 6 pm for what looks like THE FINAL decision on the End Op, L.P. mega-water permit! More…

Photo Credit:  Texas Tribune

Photo Credit: Texas Tribune

Folks, remember the nefarious attempt by Rep. Jim Keffer (R-Granbury) to gut our petition rights in the last legislative session? A broad coalition came together to stomp that bill to death in the Senate after it passed the House! Our “people’s check and balance” on local government — our rights to petition for a public vote — is to be protected, not attacked.

An important hearing of the Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations is taking place this coming Monday — with petition rights front and center. Come ye citizens of Texas!

Legislative Hearing, Monday, Aug. 15, 9 a.m. Details here.
Call us if you want to ride and/or to plan testimony.

Do you live in Lee or Bastrop County or depend on the Simsboro Aquifer?
Show up this Wednesday, August 10th at 6 pm!
Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District Hearing
Bastrop City Hall, 1311 Chestnut, Bastrop, TX

End Op, L.P. may just finally wrest their mega-permit for the 46,000 acre-feet of groundwater per year out of the Lost Pines GCD.

donate_to_relief_fund_lg_clrOur communities across the region are gearing up to lawyer-up with the new non-profit Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund. Show up and bring some money for the cause — and help get set for some big rounds in court.

Texans, armed with clipboards and a little cash, can’t be beat!

PS If you know any of the legislators on the Intergovernmental Relations Committee and can’t make the hearing, please send them an email or call them and tell them not to mess with our petition rights.

PPS If you like our Facebook page and share this post from there, it helps us reach thousands more people. Please do.


Lotta lootin’ going on! Get ready to act! Bastrop job openings!

* Funny things have been happening ever since the Hays County Commissioners Court jumped in bed with Forestar Real Estate Group. The Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District is meeting with Forestar on Friday, so says the news. Get ready to attend the next Lost Pines GCD meeting next Wednesday, 7 pm, currently scheduled for Giddings City Hall.  (Note: we will be asking for a larger venue.)  We’ll send you more poop before then.  And, please read Environmental Stewardship’s urgent update here:

* Even funnier things are happening on Prop 6 now that we’re fixin’ to vote on it:

*  Next Monday, October 14th, please join one of our No on Prop 6 press conferences in San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and Austin. Keep checking here for details:

 Austin!  Thurs., Oct. 17th, 6:30 pm, the League of Women Voters – Austin Area will hold a debate on Prop 6.  No, Water Texas PAC and H204Texas won’t debate. But this one should be a hot one with Bill Bunch (Save Our Springs Alliance) taking the No on 6 position.  It’s at the Triumphant Love Church, 9508 Great Hills Trail, Austin.

*  Monday, October 21st, 6 pm, at Roans Prairie Community Center (at the crossroads of Hwy. 30 and Hwy. 90), there is a public hearing by a new local organization in Grimes County and surrounds started by Martha and Bob Strawn and Joan Escamilla — called Pro-TEAMS (Facebook here) on citizen’s concerns about eminent domain abuse, public safety and protection of water resources related to pipelines. Visit and consider holding your own hearings!

*  The new League of Independent Voters of Texas has parttime jobs for phone callers! If you’re good on the phone and can work in Bastrop, please call 512-213-4511 right away.  Only 4 positions are open!

*   Have you seen the firestorm of comments on news blogs about the possibility of Debra Medina running as an independent candidate for Governor?  We say…run, Debra, run, however you wish…and don’t let the partisanship get you down!  P.S. They always call independents “spoilers”!  More here:

*  Independent Texans now has regular Saturday, 9 am conference calls.  This next Saturday’s focuses on Prop 6, the water amendment and how to defeat it.  Early voting starts on Monday, Oct. 21.  Reply if you want the conference number or, if you’ve joined us in the past, you already have it.


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Austin is Not Developers' Monopoly Board

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